Dress Like It’s 1999: Retro 90s Style Trends

15 Oct Dress Like It’s 1999: Retro 90s Style Trends

Dress like it’s 1999: Retro 90s style trends are back and you’re totally buggin’ if you don’t love ‘em

Listen. We’ll tell you what we want (what we really, really want); it’s all these style trends and a bag of chips. Nostalgia is big this season and it’s all about bright colours and making a statement. We’ve given you a rundown of our faves below:


Dreamy Dungarees:

Not only is this item versatile and comfortable (as well as perfect for hiding those sneaky snacks) but it’s flattering on all body types and makes choosing an outfit for the day hella easy. Pair with some dad sneaks for an ultimate 90s overhaul


Mom Jeans:

We got a lot of great things from our mama and these jeans are one of them. Dress up with a pair of heels or dress casual with a baggy crop these are a staple item to own this season.



That’s right, our favourite wrist accessory is back and the bolder the better. Spices up any outfit and gives your high pony that extra boost. 



On the design front, the 90s have also made an appearance in illustration trends this season. Check out some dope work from illustrator Xaviera Altena who incorporates colour and retro lines in her work proving that the 90s are infiltrating all aspects of the creative industry and people are loving it.


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