Our Favourite 2017 Wedding Trends – Wedding Food

Wedding Food

07 Sep Our Favourite 2017 Wedding Trends – Wedding Food

Day 3: Wedding Food

Do, do brunch

A popular wedding trend due to tight budgets and high wedding expenses so if you’d rather spend money on your honeymoon then this is the wedding trend for you. Mimosas, coffee bar, omelette stations and pastries, these are the ingredients to perfect your daytime wedding.  The super trendy theme that will lift the weight off your budget.

Get Comfortable

Everyone loves good old comfort food so why not bring this love into your wedding kitchen. Give your favourite comforts a fine dining look and get your chef to plate your food like a work of heart. Another way to bring in popular comforts is by incorporating food trucks. These are great for outdoor weddings as a fun canape’ while the bride and groom are doing their photos. Step it up a level and have prosecco trucks or craft beer bikes. Your wedding will be the talk of the town.

The Great Gatsby life

If high-class elegance is your thing then this is the theme for you. Champagne towers in shallow wide brimmed glasses, tea sandwiches, and vintage cutlery. Give that extra wow with chefs getting involved with the guests making your food more of an experience. A bar with a chef shucking oysters or a sushi bar with a chef making your sushi in front of you. This 20’s party will be a glamourous soiree.

Food stations

Be like the Italians and host an ‘Italian Fest’ when it comes to your reception food. This is a trend which helps the indecisive couple. The choice – ‘Matured beef fillet or honey glazed salmon with pomegranate rubies’? Well, now you can have both and more. No, it’s not a buffet, you have food stations with chefs serving the best of the best that they know. Let your guests choose so you don’t have to make that tough decision. Being an indecisive woman, I’m all for this trend!

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for, the wedding dress trends of 2017, come back tomorrow to see which silhouette you’ll choose!