Our Favourite 2017 Wedding Trends – Wedding Décor

04 Sep Our Favourite 2017 Wedding Trends – Wedding Décor

He has gone down on one knee, taken a box from his pocket, looked up into your eyes and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. You scream ‘YES’ and suddenly…. Your brain goes into wedding overdrive. ‘What dress do I choose?’ ‘Where do we host the wedding?’, ‘flowers?’ ‘colours?’ ‘food?’. We’re sure every soon-to-be-bride has mentally rushed through these questions. Over the next 5 days we will be posting the best of the best wedding trends for 2017/2018, so sit back, relax and be inspired.

Day 1: Décor

Vertical décor, ghost chairs and long tables

With this trend, the sky is the limit. No really, the higher the better. Create a vertical impact with hanging centre pieces, wreaths dangling from the ceiling, chandeliers engulfed in flowers or greenery, hanging bouquets of roses or tulips, or towering columns of flowers. Invite your guests to look to the ceiling and gaze at beautiful installations while seated on ghost chairs set alongside long tables. Avoid the clutter and create an illusion of an open room with ghost chairs and long-line tables which also create a modern and elegant appearance.

Marble décor, brushed rose gold details, minimalistic feel, and blush touches.

A super chic, luxe trend that oozes sophistication. Add a few soft metallic and blush details alongside marble print for an elegant vibe, add it to your cake, table décor, a backdrop or even a marble printed dance floor. Give this trend that extra ‘oomph’ with subtle hints of brushed metallic in shades of rose gold, gold or pewter.

Cosy Scandi. Go hygge and follow the footsteps of the Danish.

We are all very familiar with the word Hygge as 2016 was obsessed with it – if it’s not a word you are familiar with it is Danish for ‘cosy’. Well, Hygge has now been adopted by weddings and has introduced décor with neutral tones, wooden accents, candles and lots of foliage.

If it ain’t hi-tech then you’re living in the stone age.

Times have changed and by that I mean technology is a must-have in everyone’s life. So why not incorporate modern technology into your special day. You can use everything from wedding day planning and guest countdown apps to social media personalised hashtags and filters and photobooth mirrors. Why not utilise new age videography and use drone technology to show off your wedding from high up to low down.