Our journey so far

Society PR & Communications | Our journey so far

18 Apr Our journey so far

Lex and I had worked together in previous years and have the same work ethic and passion for our industry. Our dream was to exploit our synergies by running our OWN highly efficient, sought after PR, marketing and communications company!

The journey this dream has taken us on so far, while it is still extremely young, has been significant in so many ways.

Starting up a business:

When word first got out that Lex and I were planning on starting a business the bits of estimation started streaming in and everyone we ran into or chatted to had different bits of advice for us. This is of course not including all the articles, blog posts and inspirational entrepreneurial quotes that gave us insight as to where we should even begin and what would be most important for our start-up.

Naturally the very first step was to choose a name. So you think naming your very own company would be the easy part? Ha ha! This was not to be. A list of about 100 buzz words was drawn up and names bandied about, including some out there suggestions from family, “Pitch B&@$hes” or a not too shabby “Brand Knew”! “Society” quietly sat in amongst the words waiting patiently for our lightbulb moment!

Our tip when choosing a name is to take cognisance of suggestions from family and friends but go with your own gut feel! This is not only exclusive to name selection but all business elements, in our case our Corporate ID, brand colours, logo and business card design were all components we looked to friends and family for advice and input on but in the end we had to make our own decisions and not allow confusion to set in. Go with your gut, just like we did, we couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Be grateful for a supportive family and friends and share your excitement and ideas with them – they will be your biggest fans and advertise your business from the roof tops!

Take risks, some people will always be doom sayers and say things like it’s the wrong time to open a business, you’re too young, we’re heading for a recession etc. Listen to them and then follow your instincts, while also accepting the advice of the experts who believe in you most.

The truth is if we didn’t take the gap and leave the security of our previous jobs we would never have experienced and learnt what we have in the past few months and we will never know what could’ve been.

Although the grass may not always be greener on the other side, it is always greener where you water it!