What is PR 2.0 all about?

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15 May What is PR 2.0 all about?

Brian Solis coined the phrase PR 2.0 way back in the 90’s but only recently have people started taking notice.

The ultimate goal for all PR professionals is to raise awareness and increase overall brand exposure. Incorporating new tactics and approaches is key to ensure this is the case with the growing importance of the online consumer. The only way in which this can be achieved is to incorporate web 2.0 resources into the overall PR strategy for targeted and impactful communication with the web 2.0 audience.

As social technology has uncovered new, exciting  opportunities, this  has ultimately expanded the role and responsibilities of the PR professional. Brands are no longer built on the basis of magazine adverts being placed and articles being written. While this is still an imperative part of the brand building and PR process, it is just one facet. PR 2.0 is ultimately PR functioning in an era of digital disruption which requires the industry to constantly adapt and accommodate new methods of information sharing.

The role of the PR manager is to no longer develop a press release and distribute this to key media contacts securing media coverage in traditional press only. PR 2.0 now means that PR professionals are to adopt an all encompassing approach that incorporates elements of events, digital marketing such as social media strategy and management, SEO and website optimisation and influencer relationships, with key online influencers to generate the required brand awareness.

PR managers who understand the realm of PR 2.0, acknowledge that the brand’s audience no longer receive one-way communication. The digital space has given consumers the opportunity to communicate directly with a brand. Interaction and engagement is a key driving factor in generating a positive brand image. Managing this online conversation between the brand and the consumer is now a key PR role.

Effective PR 2.0 for brands will result in brand awareness and reputation management in both the traditional and online media. PR 1.0 is no longer enough, PR 2.0 is fundamental here and now and PR 3.0 is what we should ultimately be looking towards.

Written by, Gina Mosley